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Gym Accounts and Customer Accounts:

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To make an account please register and follow the simple directions. Please note that only indoor climbing gyms, recreation centers, theme parks, and other large purchasers will receive a bulk discount when checking out. However, we encourage to sign up so that your order history, contact info, and address stay in the system for when you come back. Bulk accounts will be processed as quickly as we can so that you can receive the discount.

Shipping Info:

All order are shipped from Louisville Colorado via UPS. For International orders please contact us at: orders@kingdomclimbing.com. Also, please let us know (either by calling or email) if you need to meet a deadline or have any specific requests about shipping. The below estimates are just that "estimates" and are not a guarantee for shipping times. We want to make you happy let us know how we can!
Please see the chart below to estimate wait times:

Number of Sets - Business Days
1 to 30 Sets - Within 20
31 or more - Within 35
Specific Color - Within 35

Bolts and Hardware:

Only retail orders come with bolts. These bolts are measured and are the correct size for most home and gym walls. If for some reason you need longer or shorter bolts than normal please contact us so we can correctly give you the sizes desired.

For bulk orders bolts are discounted the same as holds. The discount will apply at the end when you checkout.
For any special orders including T-Nuts please contact us at orders@kingdomclimbing.com. We can get what you need!


Kingdom Climbing has many colors to choose in the drop down selection. Please read below for all the info you need about them.

The Colors shown in the photos are stock Kingdom colors. They are very close to these color codes:
(15-01) Yellow, (14-01) Orange, (11-12) Red, (16-16) Green, (13-01) Blue, and (07-13) Bright Purple.

12 Standard Prime Colors (Free!)- (15-01) Yellow, (14-01) Orange, (11-20) Pink, (11-26) Bright Pink, (11-12) Red, (11-01) Dark Red, (16-09) Lime Green, (16-16) Green, (13-15) Turquoise, (13-01) Blue, (13-14) Dark Blue, and (07-13) Bright Purple. These colors are free to choose from.

Standard Natural (Free!)- (14-04) Sedona, (11-17) Brown, (15-06) Dune, (15-14) Tan, (18-09) Gray, (18-03) Dark Gray, and (99529) Black. These colors are free to choose from.

Extended Colors (Not Free) - (11114) White, (18-12) Light Gray, (11-11) Dark Brown, (11-30) Light Brown, (11-09) Sandstone, (14-06) Melon, (11-24) Red, (16-13) Dark Green, (16-08) Bright Green, (17-18) Light Purple, and (17-16)
Purple. These colors will be a 5% Charge.

Dayglo (Not Free) - (15-09) Yellow, (14-11) Orange, (11-25) Pink, (13-18) Blue, (16-18) Green, and (06-06) Dark Green.
These colors are bright neon type colors and are very bright in appearance.

WE DO NOT GUARANTEE WHITE HOLDS STAYING WHITE! Typically, yellowing can occur if left outside or if they see high traffic under harsh lighting. You shouldn't have a problem with any other colors fading unless outdoors (please check out getting our UV inhibitor).

Please keep in mind that if you choose a specific color that will add a 30 day wait time to your order.
If your an outside facility looking to pick up holds we do have a UV inhibitor we can add to the urethane making them resistant to fading. With a small charge we can add this to your order. Please contact us if this is you!

Please contact us at orders@kingdomclimbing.com if this is you so we can accommodate your needs.

Large Bulk Orders:

If your a facility looking to make a really large order please contact us by calling or email so we can best meet your needs.


If your holds break, bend, chip, or fade let us know immediately so we can do our best to make you happy. Our material is hands down the best in the industry!


If you would like to return holds they must be sealed in their original packaging. Also, we have a 10 day time limit, a 25% restocking fee, and the buyer must pay for shipping. Once the item is received please allow at least 5 business days for the money to be refunded to your card. Special color orders cannot be returned for any reason.