About Kingdom Climbing


The Escape Climbing Family is obsessed with all things indoor climbing. Whether you’re searching for quality climbing holds, handcrafted volumes, or affordable bulk hardware, one of the Escape Climbing Family brands has what you need.

We exist as a company to enable the sport of indoor climbing. Our mission is to get every hand on a hold. We want to tear down the barriers of climbing by making our sport more accessible to anyone. By designing great climbing holds we hope to bring out the best in route setters, which in turn leads to a better climbing. By being a bulk importer of hardware we can drive down the cost of bolts and t-nuts which leaves a bigger budget for holds and makes building a wall affordable. By offering a wide range of training tools we give you that opportunity to take your climbing to the next level and push your limits.

At the heart of who we are, we believe in promoting a healthy lifestyle. Health is more than just fitness. Health entails a mental, and an emotional aspect as well. Climbing is a sport that is more than just fitness too. There is a mental aspect of climbing with the problem solving, and climbings social driven nature meets many emotional needs with our community bonds. Enabling the sport of climbing means we get to open up an avenue for happier, healthier, stronger people every time we ship a package from our facility.

Escape Climbing
Holds That Inspire, Hardware That Lasts, Training Tools That Work

At Escape, we're not just known for our holds and training tools.

We're also known as the go-to shop for all things climbing hardware.

Whether we're talking about the best selling climbing specific t-nut in the world (the custom Escape Industrial T-nut), the one of a kind two-in-one hex bit (the Duostar), or every routesetters favorite insert to turn any hold into a screw-on (the Lonestar), you can always be certain you're getting the absolute best hardware at the absolute best prices.

Friction Climbing
Naturally Inspired

Emerging from the vibrant Toronto climbing scene, Friction started producing innovative shapes in the Fall of 1999. Ergonomically shaped and finger friendly, Friction earns its name for its unique design and texture. Today, Friction continues to push the limits of hold design, shaping realistic and aesthetic holds to keep route-setters and climbers motivated to pull on plastic.

Kingdom Climbing
Big, Fun Holds

Kingdom Climbing was voted the #1 climbing holds in the world by the Climbing Business Journal for a reason. Fantastic shapes that beg to be climbed on. Produced in high quality polyurethane at both Aragon Elastomers and Comp-X!  

Working Class Climbing
Holds That Work As Hard As You | Check Out Our Current Sale of the Month

At Working Class we recognize not every gym or home gym has a blank check to write for climbing holds. Working class lives up to its name by offering value and function to our hard working setters. You can always find a killer deal up to 30% off as a way to deliver high quality holds to the everyday setter. Our holds are not big unless it makes sense to be big, they are low profile where possible in order to keep material usage down. All of this helps Working Class sell the holds for as low of prices as possible and deliver the most value to you. 

Fusion Climbing
The Best of All Worlds

Legendary shapes reborn utilizing a revolutionary new dual texturing process that breathed new life into classic shapes that have been gracing climbing walls the world over for the past 20 years!